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Discover and Grow: Vocational Bible School at Discipleship Family Academy

Discover and Grow: Vocational Bible School at Discipleship Family Academy

Vocational Bible School (VBS) is an exciting opportunity for children and young adults to deepen their faith, explore biblical truths, and develop practical skills in a fun and engaging environment. Discipleship Family Academy is proud to offer a dynamic and enriching Vocational Bible School program, designed to equip young individuals with a strong spiritual foundation and practical life skills.

A Unique Blend of Faith and Practical Learning

Vocational Bible School at Discipleship Family Academy goes beyond traditional Bible teaching. It combines the principles of faith with hands-on learning experiences that empower young individuals to discover their God-given talents and develop valuable life skills. This unique blend of faith and practical learning creates a transformative environment where young learners can grow holistically.

Exploring Biblical Truths

At Vocational Bible School, participants dive deep into the Word of God, exploring biblical truths and teachings. Through engaging lessons, interactive discussions, and creative activities, young learners gain a solid understanding of the Bible and its relevance to their lives. They learn about the life of Jesus, His teachings, and the values that guide Christian living.

Moreover, Vocational Bible School equips young individuals with essential tools for personal spiritual growth. They learn how to cultivate a vibrant prayer life, develop a closer relationship with God, and apply biblical principles to navigate various life situations.

Practical Life Skills Development

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